Engel, Bakshi & Co. Certified Public Accountants, was founded in 1986 in Tel Aviv and is currently operating from Raanana. The firm is headed by Ilan Engel C.P.A (Isr.) and  Tsafrir Bakshi C.P.A (Isr.).

Engel, Bakshi & Co. Certified Public Accountants, was founded in 1986 in Tel Aviv and is currently operating from Raanana. The firm is headed by Ilan Engel C.P.A (Isr.) and  Tsafrir Bakshi C.P.A (Isr.). The firm employs accountants and bookkeepers and has been providing High-level services for over three decades to its hundreds of clients:  accounting services including auditing of financial statements, tax reporting, balance sheets preparations and tax planning, as well as financial services: financial and economic accompany for businesses with cash flow difficulties, preparation of business plans and managing cash flow, dealing with banks, checking Investability in new or existing business, and of course representation to tax authorities ,assessment  procedures, tax arrangements and voluntary disclosure. The firm motto the following three principles: professionalism, service and advancement.


The frequent changes in tax law, accounting standards and other laws pose a challenge to professionals. We always strive to keep up to date with every change in order to provide the customer with the most relevant up-to-date information and to provide the best counseling that will serve the business goals and which will eventually be translated into money saving.

Many years of experience and complementary professional knowledge in the legal field give the firm's clients a comprehensive and multi-layered professional surrounding , which is why we are committed to expanding the professional knowledge of our employees, while preserving the existing professional basis, because  we believe that the connection between a high level of professional  service and quality service to the client is one and the same.


Business reality requires the most attention, time and resources on the part of the client to manage and operate his business. Our goal is to enable the client to concentrate on running his business without unnecessary background noise. As accountants of the business and as a representative with the tax authorities, we take care of the reports, and the current tax payments and regular communication with the same authorities and update the customer as needed.

Beyond providing high-level service, we make sure to be available to clients inquiries and needs and provide prompt answers and professional solutions as needed. Our Many Years of Experience, the experience and knowledge we have gained during years of service to our clients has taught us that there is no replacement for personal contact between the accompany partner and the client and therefore the accompany partner will always be accessible to the client when needed. A decades-long personal relationship and in-depth knowledge of the client, his business, and his unique needs enable us to accompany our clients to a quick and purposeful professional accompany in any problem or dilemma when accompanied by the partner in conjunction with the employee who deals with the client on a routine basis, and, if necessary, by incorporating a professional expert in the relevant field. When necessary, professional analyzes will be conducted in broader professional forums.


The new technologies are changing the accounting industry, payroll administration, reporting and payment methods. We work to be at the forefront of technological advancement and provide the client with the range of services needed to adapt his business to regulatory requirements, develop and implement controls, and to efficient and improve processes.

In addition, our firm invests in advanced information systems that enable flexibility, financial analysis and high-level reporting while simultaneously investing in information security that provides the client with the level of confident and peace of mind required when sensitive financial data are involved.

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