Tax Services

The tax team at Engel Bakshi & Co., which includes accountants and attorneys, coordinates the tax activities, domestic and international for the firm's clients and others.


In general, one of the most important issues for clients is a minimum tax payment subject to law and regulations and utilizing legitimate tax planning. The ruling already states that the expert's right to plan and the taxpayer's right to reduce his taxes as long as the reductions are legitimate.

Hence, the importance of knowledge and professionalism that the tax planner must have in order to be able to carry out his duties in the areas permitted by law and regulations and to present his professional position to the authorities so as to convince that planning and reductions, were done properly. Therefore, professionalism been required from the tax expert by means of the client will enjoy the representation and management of a quality and cost-effective tax policy without compromise.

Our tax team apply the tax policy based on a comprehensive view of the law and the estimation of risks and odds in every approach, present to the client the full range of considerations, advantages, disadvantages and risks of each proposed solution and apply the solution obtained at the customer's discretion.

Reducing tax liability, from an overall view of the possibilities and risks associated with uncertainty is the ultimate target.


Services include:

  • Ongoing consulting to the firm's clients.
  • Appeal for pre-rolling from the tax authorities.
  • Olim Chadashim and returning residents – rights and obligations.
  • Taxation of granting options / shares – including the allocation and realization of options.
  • Representation of tax sittings for both firms and external clients.
  • International taxation – planning and implantation of tax planning, subject to tax laws in Israel and abroad.
  • Taxation of trusts-consulting and taxation for creators, trustees, beneficiaries of local and foreign trusts.
  • Accompaniment and advice for transactions carried out by the firm's clients, including: mergers, splits and real estate.

• Taxation of allowances and severance pay – Tax advice and accompany of retirees entitled to allowances, severance pay.

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