Legal Services

Accounting services, are often integrated into legal services required to complete certain operations primarily in the commercial and corporate law and real estate sectors.

In addition, mediation or the establishment of a new business entity by a number of partners or shareholders requires a comprehensive business view that combines accounting, tax and legal knowledge.

In collaboration with the Engel Bakshi & Co. Law Office and Mediators, and the lawyers Vardi Iris and Sharmi Ophir, who are outstanding in their field, the firm provides consulting and perform all the actions that require lawyers involvement with governmental authorities such as the Registrar of Companies and Partnerships, Registrar of Associations, Registrar of Cooperative societies, Registrar of Pledges, The Israel Land Authority, The Land Registry and Settlement of Rights (Tabu), the Trademark Registrar and more.

The close collaboration between all the Firms allows the firm's accountants to contact any of the above lawyers and easily get legal services from them, including, among the rest, free initial counseling, performing elementary legal processes or performing complex legal processes in Israel and / or abroad, while mutual affinity between the accounting and legal aspects.

Examples of elementary legal processes will be:

  • Actions related to company registration, allocating shares, changes in equity, appointing and removing directors and renaming.
  • Activities related to establishing a company for the benefit of the public, partnerships, associations registration, and cooperative society registration.
  • Inquiries and records with the Israel Lands Authority, Produce a land registry deed (Tabu), mortgage registration / removal and warning note.
  • Handling of registration and removal of lien or pledge, trademark registration and handling of receipt of "certificate of proper management".
  • Actions related to the preparation of founder`s agreements and articles of association for companies, including registration of changes.
  • Browse the company / association/ cooperative association portfolio.


Legal-Economic field: Corporate recovery, Representation of companies in cash flow difficulties with the banks, Mediation and settlement of business disputes, other  Legal services

Bakshi Engel & Co. Law Firm was established in response to the need to integrate accounting knowledge with legal knowledge and to see the big business picture, which is usually complex, through the various perspectives and in integration. The firm specializes in two main fields:

Legal-Economic field: The firm has extensive experience in navigating business disputes towards business mediation, reducing the economic damages to the parties involved and reaching creative solutions while seeing the overall picture of the core components of the conflict: economic, tax, legal and accounting.

Partners in the firm have many years of experience in managing business arbitration and also within this process, the many years of experience and knowledge in accounting, taxation and economics as well as wide business view, are reflected.

The firm's partners have many years of consulting experience in international taxation, trust arrangements, appointment of trustees and financial management of trusts, dissolution of companies and associations, establishment of companies abroad, and international tax planning.


The field of consulting, planning and performance in the individual field at seniority

 A filed that applies to the age bracket that crossed the age of sixty and is expected and wants to continue its quality of life as before, whenever possible. In light of the rise in life expectancy, which requires considerable financial resources (and this is when the earning capacity is not, usually, on the rise), many legal and economic needs have been raised and become strengthened, that are expressed in diverse tools designed to enable economically and welfare "respectable" life, while reducing this uncertainty during this challenging period.

There is no need to a much funding to actually improve preparation for seniority, and the added value of performing a number of checks and steps is great financially, family and peace of mind aspects.

The most common tools for improving preparation for the challenging period and assembles the "preparation file" that the firm specializes in:



Economic checks:

  1. Mapping the portfolio (investments in securities, financial deposits and business ventures).
  2. Mapping insurance (life insurance, health insurance, long-term insurance).
  3. Mapping the Accrual Portfolio (funds).
  4. Mapping loans and mortgages.
  5. Mapping real estate investments.

Legal checks:

  1. Wills.
  2. Longevity section
  3. Continuous power of attorney for incapacity.

All of the above checks and additional tests in accordance with the individual situation of the applicant and / or the family unit constitute the " seniority file" – planning, peaceful and knowledge at an affordable price.

Commercial law, high-tech companies and international operations

Iris Weisburt (Verdi), Lawyer

Real Estate and Real Estate Taxation

Ophir Sharmi Lawyer

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