Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are complex processes involving a lot of organizational, financial and legal aspects. Today, in the era of globalization and the competitive business environment, despite the complexity and risk involved, mergers and acquisitions have become a widely used and widely accepted strategy for rapid business growth.

In Israel, mergers and acquisitions are carried out in accordance with the Companies Law, which permits the possibility of merger between companies and subject to the agreement of the companies involved in the process. As mentioned, mergers and acquisitions are processes that require many preliminary and complex tests, including the legal and financial status of the companies involved in the process.


Among the operational steps taken by Engel Bakshi & Co. Certified Public Accountants:

  • Planning and conducting due diligence in business, financial, tax and economic aspects.
  • Planning the outline of the transaction, taking into account international tax planning.
  • Planning and carry out the implementation process.
  • Transaction financing planning.
  • Consultation and assistance in negotiations.

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